Techees has been building engineering teams for seed funded startups to public companies and everything in between since 2009. We are a team of 17 recruiters that collaborate well together. Each of us provide personable and professional relationships with our companies and candidates alike. We’re looking forward to finding the perfect match for you!



We love the “hunt” most recruiters forget about. We want to find the engineers that didn’t know they were looking. We work with companies that have a genuine mission and a product or service that is innovative.


We need to know because we care. Why are you looking? What challenges are you in need of? Perfect new situation? Industries likes and dislikes? Salary needs, wants and a happy medium. Desired start date, etc.


You’re not just a client, you’re a partner. We want to know what you’re really looking for. Not just what’s on your job description. We want your next hires to make the impact you need while also fitting right in with your current team.


We listen to what you’re missing at your current job and what you’re hoping for at your next. We’ll never send your resume or information anywhere you don’t see a possible fit.


We’re constantly growing and learning together as a team. We do weekly classes and games to ensure we’re up to date with all things tech.


We work closely with our candidates and companies during the offer stage to make certain everyone is happily on the same page.


Your Partners to Success. Techees employees are hard workers, have high integrity and extra strong grit.



I’m superstitious and highly believe in karma. I’m annoyingly positive and smile no matter my true mood because that always makes me feel better.

I have a famous chef of a husband and 2 kids. Diego Danger, 6 (yes that is his real middle name) and Lima Ariel who is 2 ½.  They are more fun and fulfilling than I ever could have imagined. Although, I do still enjoy a good happy hour.

I have enjoyed every recruiting rollercoaster I’ve been on. At the end of the day, helping make someone’s future brighter is incredible. While at the same time being able to watch a company grow and become successful because of the people you got to work there.

I’ve now reached another chapter in my career. I get to see my employees achieve higher levels of success every year. My career is extremely satisfying, and I look forward to continuing my growth. The tech world is only getting stronger and can’t wait to see what will be built next. Jetsons, here we come!


Chief Growth Officer

I’m originally from Wisconsin and attended the University of Minnesota for Graphic Design. After enduring too many cold winters I printed MapQuest directions and drove across the country to sunny California. I quickly fell in love with the fast paced tech scene and became a recruiter in 2010.  I especially love working with startups that are bringing technology to new spaces and helping engineers find a team where they can make a lasting impression.

When I’m not recruiting I enjoy product design (check out the Rosé Floaté on Amazon!), graphic design, and baking.

Link to the Rosé Floaté – Click here.


Senior Partner & Lead Technical Recruiter

I’m a Los Angeles area native and ventured far and wide to San Diego to earn my B.S. degree in Business/Real Estate in 2011. Spoiler alert, I didn’t get too far into real estate having started at Techees in 2013. I’ve enjoyed working with startups and engineers ever since and love being at the intersection of tech and people.

When I’m not working, I’m usually playing tennis (singles and doubles) and working to move up from a 4.0 rating.


Principal Recruiter, Team Lead

I like to start with the fun! I enjoy exploring new places and being outdoors. I’m a huge nerd, and that means I like everything from Harry Potter to Star Wars to Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, for all of my fellow readers!), to Disneyland, and so on. I’m also the kind of person who says hi to someone’s pet before I say hi to the actual person (I’m working on that).

Fun fact – I decided to get my BA in Communication, with a focus on Business Management because it was a huge fear of mine. I wanted to tackle that in the hopes it would pay off. Fast forward, and here we are! See, who says they don’t use their degree?!

I am now able to take what I learned and apply it in a way where I can help others achieve their goals. To me, recruiting is about finding someone their dream job. My end goal is to find each engineer that perfect role that they are looking for with a company that they believe in. I understand interviewing can be stressful, so I make sure to be there for you throughout the process and give you a little bit of Dumbledore’s wisdom and Disney magic.


Lead Technical Recruiter

I’m tremendously productive and always look for the best way to make something happen. Recruiting is a blank canvas of ways to create and build relationships. It’s been a pleasure to have met so many brilliant engineering leaders and contributors thus far. One thing I’ve learned over the years, time is valuable! Where and who you spend it with makes all the difference.

I’m a big advocate for a healthy work life balance. I love to travel and experience all the world has to offer. Some my favorite destinations: Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula, Havana Cuba, Oktoberfest in Germany and Xochimilco canals in Mexico City. Traveling outside your comfort zone encourages new ideas and perspectives.

To unwind from a busy day, you’ll find me in my craft room creating my next masterpiece.


Principal Recruiter

Seven+ years of recruiting experience that ranges from searches for founding team members at stealth projects to hire #1000+ at public companies. Novice BBQ operator, with big dreams to be promoted to the hobbyist level. Currently living in Southern California with my wonderful wife and plans to stay long term.


Senior Technical Recruiter

I am the definition of a people person. I love hearing people’s stories and interacting with new people. All the professional endeavors I’ve embarked on in my life, have been with the goal of helping people.  Another passion of mine is tech, I’m usually the guy with the newest piece of tech on or around me.

What could be a better way to blend the two, than becoming a tech recruiter?

My main priority is finding you a company and position that not only makes you happy but puts you in the best position for your future.

Some things that make me smile: Animals, a new gadget, good vegan food, crossfit, the outdoors, and my pup Freya.


Senior Technical Recruiter

I’m Hollywood-gone-tech, but I think my engineers are the real celebrities. In my last role, I developed PR plans for TV types, but I soon realized my passion to help people reach their potential can best be quenched in tech recruiting.

I get psyched knowing I placed someone who is coding an algorithm that may code out cancer…or drive an autonomous vehicle that will someday chauffeur my daughter around. Yes. They better be damn good.

I am uniquely interested in every human story and I have an ability to hear what you are telling me but aren’t saying.

Things I live for: my family, a powder day, good wine, and hearing a client say I changed their life.


Technical Recruiter

I was born and raised in San Diego. I love the outdoors and started an endeavor a few years ago to visit a new national park each year. Staying in is fine too, if I have a good book to read. I recently built a floor to ceiling bookcase for my collection – so if you’ve got any recommendations…

I have a big goofy dog who is a master toy destroyer and absolutely adores the kittens I foster.

I have degrees in English and Theater and following graduation, spent several years as a Stage Manage. The best thing of all was working as a team to put on the show – and now, I will work with you to find you somewhere you can be a star! The tech world is so exciting right now with rapid advances in the health, AV, and education spaces. I cannot wait to see what happens next!


Technical Recruiter

If you look at my life before Techees you would not think I would become a recruiter, but for some strange reason it works! For as long as I can remember I have had a job; from babysitting when I was 12, to being a Commercial Fisherman, and finally becoming a Recruiter. Each role has taught me something I have applied to recruiting. The most important thing I have learned is you have to enjoy your work or at least use that role as a steppingstone to your next path. I am determined to find you a role you will love and find you a place you will create an impact at.

If I’m not at work you can find me as far away from an office doing anything from surfing, hiking, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or hanging with my lovely Wife and our Frenchie.


Technical Recruiter

I have been lucky enough to travel abroad and in the States. I recently lived in Alaska for a few months. While traveling, I’ve gotten to experience different cultures and ways of life that drove my desire to connect with people and understand what motivates them. Technical recruiting has afforded me the availability to pursue this goal. It’s different from anything else I’ve ever done. I’m lucky to be able to say that it’s work that I can be proud of.

My hobbies include being the lovechild of Ryan and Kelly from the Office, quoting internet jokes and boasting about being able to do a kickflip on a skateboard (I cannot). I don’t know what sports are and at this point…I’m too afraid to ask.


Technical Recruiter

A multilingual unicorn born in Southern China and raised in the beautiful state of California.

Since college and through my previous work experience in Human Resource, I fell in love with recruiting. The feeling of being able to change people’s live and to help them find their next passion is the best. I want to be there to help candidates along the process and give them as much of my guidance as possible.

My hobbies consist of working with skincare, traveling, and cooking. When I’m not at work, I turn on my adventure mode. I enjoy camping/traveling with my husband and my dog, Mochi. I turn on my Pokémon game and catch ’em all. I’m quite proud to say I’ve never miss one generation of Pokémongame ever.


Recruiting Coordinator

Born and raised in Southern California and I absolutely love it! It took me a few years before I realized what I wanted to do as a career, and I could not be happier with Techees! I love working with our amazing recruiters to ensure our candidates are happy and well placed.

Proud mama to one incredible daughter, she keeps me on my toes and makes me proud daily! I have memorized entirely too many Friends episodes and can sing almost every song that plays on the radio. Lover of all things Disney, I will skip around the park like a little kid.

I think it’s important to keep that work/life balance and working at Techees allows me to do that! I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I grow with this wonderful company!


Executive Assistant

In this role, I coordinate and manage all the behind-the-scene aspects of a Lady Boss. As a big believer in girl power, I support and encourage independent women in the workplace. I am very new to the office setting; having spent over 12 years in the food and beverage business.

Although I seem to be a people-person, I am a lover of all animals- wild and caged. I will rescue a fallen bird from its fate, I will bathe your dog, and groom your cat. If it has fur, feathers, or scales it’s my best friend.

I am an open book when it comes to learning and embracing creative and foreign ideas. If there is a box, I am definitely on the outside of it. Passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, and the endless possibilities that life has to offer, I strive to please my peers and am always looking for the best in everything.


Techees Recruiting is breaking the mold as to what success looks like in recruiting. We
bring growth, excitement, fulfillment and wealth to our clients, our candidates and
especially to our employees.

Right where the mission and authentic selves please add the below. underneath and in the middle.

Psychological Safety at Techees
Techees Recruiting wants to make sure you always feel psychologically safe. We believe
that psychological safety is about candor, about making it possible for productive
disagreement and free exchange of ideas. It goes without saying that these are vital to
learning and innovation. Conflict inevitably arises in any workplace. Psychological safety enables people on different sides of a conflict to speak candidly about what’s bothering them.


Techees Recruiting is dedicated to making sure every person feels included and important. Your opinion matters and is encouraged to be voiced. Diversity of Thought fuels out of the box thinking. Here at Techees we will make every effort to enhance and build off your current skills. We want you to constantly grow and feel empowered as you move up within this organization. When you grow, we grow.








Brianna has helped me with key hires at both Cognoa and WellnessFX. Of the different recruiters I have worked with, she has consistently delivered some of my best candidates that have allowed me to quickly and efficiently hire for key roles. She pays attention to what you are really looking for and is very responsive… she is also fun to interact with!

Brent Vaughn, CEO of Cognoa

Ben worked hard to get me connected with a great company that matched my skills and experience with the challenges that they face. Through several rounds of contact, keeping things lined up and managing schedules, Ben was a true professional the entire time. I highly recommend Ben as a recruiter, as he is one of the best I have seen in action.

John Drago, Technical Lead Manager at Cruise Automation

Building startups from scratch to an exit I’ve worked with Madison on both the hiring and being hired side of things and she’s a great recruiter! When I was looking for a job, she gave more in depth insights and worked more closely with me than any other recruiter. And when I was hiring, she did a great job of curating candidates before sending them to me.

Joey Trevino, VP of Engineering

I worked with Madison in late summer 2017 when I decided to make a career shift. I contacted her to inquire about data science opportunities and she showed a lot of initiative in helping me with my job search. She was very responsive and kept tabs on all opportunities that she had opened for me, and would follow up with me or with the prospective employers after every stage of the interview process to make sure that things were moving along. She was diligent about collecting feedback from myself and the companies I was speaking to, and used that feedback to fine-tune the next opportunities she presented to me.  I’m very grateful to Madison for helping me find my current position. My total time spent interviewing was minimal thanks to her hard work, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit between myself and my new company. I recommend Madison to any engineer or tech minded individual who is contemplating a career shift of their own!

Clarice Robenalt, Lead Data Analyst at Compology

It was an absolute pleasure working with Hannah. Not only was she incredibly professional and responsive, but she also took the time to develop a personal connection with me, which made working together even more enjoyable. It was obvious that she spent care and time finding opportunities that were in industries I was particularly interested in, and were great matches for my skillset. She negotiated me an amazing offer, and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her again.

Jared Geilich, Software at

In this day and marketplace, especially within the Silicon Valley tech space, recruiters are can be assuming, annoying and relentless. Brianna and her team at Techees are a breath of fresh air, always going the extra mile to make their clients happy and not just help them find a job, but find them the right job.

I’ve worked with Brianna a few times over the past few years, and she’s helped me find two AMAZING positions that were absolutely perfect for me and my skill set. She assisted me every step of the way, from searching for open positions, to tailoring my resume, to prepping for interviews – she does it all, with a knowledge base that’s second to none. Job hunting can be a stressful time, but with Brianna in your corner, you don’t just have a recruiter, you’ve got someone who really cares and wants you to succeed.

Josh Sylvestor, Private Company

Danny is a super useful, super friendly and approachable guy that ultimately led me to my next job. He provided me with some insights that legitimately changed how I viewed some companies and their recruiting processes in the tech industry. He also helped me make up my mind in a very hard scenario between two companies, which I wouldn’t have been able to do alone.

One thing that I found really unique about Danny is that the companies he talks to and introduces you to are actually hidden gems of companies that are legitimately interesting and cool! Most other external recruiters I’ve talked to had companies that I couldn’t bring myself to get excited about, whereas Danny’s companies had me stopping to say “Wait, that would actually be awesome to work there!”

I would definitely recommend Danny to anyone looking for their next job.

Private, Software Engineer @ Affirm

Madison has been helping us with the tough job of hiring software engineers for a startup company in the SF Bay Area. Madison is a true professional when it comes to hiring. She really understands our hiring needs, she is able to represent the company with the same excitement as if I was talking, and she is able to fine tune the type of candidate she presents according to our feedback, which saves a lot of time for everyone.

She’s very prompt and honest about things, which I believe is critical for successful hiring, both in the relationship between us, but also with how it looks in the eyes of the candidates.

If you are a candidate or a hiring manager, she’s definitely someone you would want to help you find a good match for you needs.

Thanks Madison!

Tomer Zisman, Head of Engineering - Loop Commerce at Synchrony

Danny is the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. In 6 months he sourced and helped us land 6 CV/ML & robotics employees in a historically competitive hiring environment. The quality of the candidates he was able to get was a solid step above the competition in terms of education and work experience. He is always on the ball communication wise. In fact the biggest challenge a hiring manager may have is keeping up w/ Danny’s inflow! But that is a good problem to have… I’m going to continue to use Danny well into the future.

Willy Pell, Director of New Technology at Blue River

Madison is a rare find amongst a sea of technical recruiters. She takes the time to understand candidates’ career goals and needs and acts an advocate for the potential hire throughout the entire process. I can’t recommend Madison enough to anyone who has chance to work with her at any stage of the recruiting process.

Brian Friedlander, Software Engineer - Mobile/iOS Affirm

Heather is the best recruiter I have worked with. The whole process for my last job interview took 3 months. It was way longer than usual due to various personal issue and external complications and I almost gave up in the middle. It was Heather who helped me hung on and eventually landed the job. She is responsible and responsive from beginning to end and always there to help. Working with Heather means much more than getting a job, it means building a relationship and getting to know a new friend whom you know you can trust and rely on

Chen Huang

We have worked with many technical recruiters and Heather is simply the best we’ve seen so far, head and shoulders above the rest. She offers a consistent stream of high quality candidates in a ridiculously competitive market. She introduced us to some of the best candidates we have ever seen in our pipeline, and some of our best employees. She never pushes, never stands in the way. At the same time, she offers actionable intel and advice when it matters the most. Working with Heather has been an absolute pleasure and I hope we continue doing so for many years to come.




• No Need to Look at Hundreds of Resumes

• You’ll Receive the Best Targeted Resumes

• You’ll Never See the Same Resume Elsewhere

• Access to Extremely Talented Engineers that Are Not Actively Looking

• Upfront and Honest Recruiters

• We Help Throughout the Entire Process

• You’ll Benefit From Us Being Close to Our Candidates

• We’re Experts at Understanding Job Descriptions and Resumes

• Most Efficient and Well Trained Tech Recruiters in the Bay Area

• You Get the Benefits of 14 Recruiters Working to Find Your Candidate, Not Just One!




• Get Your Resume to the Front of the Line

• Help With Interview Nerves

• No More Waiting for Feedback

• Confidentiality

• Resume Help from the Pros

• No Pressure from Us, We Want You to Find Your Dream Job

• No Salary Guesswork

• You Will Be Right for the Job

• Access to Unpublished Job Openings

• We Take You Through the Entire Interview Process from Start to Finish






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